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Course Description

Lean Foundations is about war…a war on waste.

Your organization is constantly at risk of becoming another casualty of this war on waste. Until you learn to recognize the enemy, you cannot adequately plan or prepare to defeat this enemy.

Lean is the relentless pursuit of the elimination of waste. Lean principles give a powerful framework for delivering more value to customers at a lower cost, in shorter time, with fewer defects, and less human effort.

This course teaches you how to recognize the enemy of Lean. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting your journey, this Lean Foundations course provides critical information and thought-provoking exercises to propel you to the next level of strategic thinking. You’ll understand the principles of Lean and be able to apply some of these powerful concepts in your workplace immediately.

This is a pre-requisite for the Lean Leader Course, where you learn how to plan and successfully execute your attack.

Our Approach

As practitioners of the Toyota Production System (TPS), we believe strongly in learning by showing and doing. The live sessions on Continuous Flow and batch vs. one-piece-flow are fun and engaging. You become a participant in the activities. You’ll hear feedback from those actually doing the work.

This is the same teaching method we use everywhere we go. But here the learning is in short segments, on-demand, and at your pace.

The Lean Foundations course is divided into seven lessons. They are broken down into a total of nineteen learning sessions, including three BONUS sessions. This course creates a “case for action” and arms you with proven methods for recognizing waste.

Key concepts include:

  • Value is in the Eye of the Customer
  • 7 Wastes: The Enemy of Lean
  • Standard Work: The Secret to Sustained Improvement
  • Introduction to 5S & Workplace Organization
  • The Visual Workplace: Making Work Better For Everyone
  • Becoming a Learning Organization: Develop Your People
  • Continuous Flow: The Power of Lean in Action
  • BONUS – Bias for Action: What are You Waiting For?

Defeating your enemy requires a deep understanding of waste. Experience tells us that “mastering the basics” is how good athletes become world-class athletes. The same is true with you and your organization. The Lean Foundations course is your launch point in mastering the basics.

Our customers often tell us the Continuous Flow lesson alone is easily worth the price of the entire course. We’re grateful for those comments and are confident you’ll capture the same value here.