Our courses teach you how to deliver more value to customers at a lower cost, in shorter time, with fewer defects, and less human effort.

Lean Foundations Course

Lean Foundations Course

This Foundations course is divided into seven lessons. They are broken down into a total of nineteen learning videos, including BONUS sessions.


Bases de Lean

Este curso de Fundaciones se divide en siete temas principales. Se dividen en un total de diecinueve sesiones de aprendizaje, incluidas sesiones BONUS.


The 5S and Visual Workplace System

Learn the method for creating a workspace that is clean, safe, and well organized to reduce waste and improve productivity.

Lean Consortium

Lean Consortium

The Lean Consortium is a trusted group of peer companies who work together to develop skills, build community, and sustain a culture of continuous improvement across our industries.

Live Workshops

Our live workshops give participants a quick brush-up on a particular topic. Check out our upcoming live workshops here:

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