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Our online courses teach you how to deliver more value to customers at a lower cost, in shorter time, with fewer defects and less human effort.

Reduce Waste

Learn how to identify and reduce company waste, resulting in more productivity and happier customers.

Simplify Processes

Analyze, streamline, and simplify all company processes to reduce errors and save more time.

Improve Efficiency

Discover how improving efficiency will increase employee satisfaction as well as company profitability.

Most Popular Courses

Our online courses teach you how to deliver more value to customers at a lower cost, in shorter time, with fewer defects, and less human effort. You’ll learn how to reduce waste, streamline workflows, and maximize productivity.

Lean Foundations Course

Lean Foundations Course

This Foundations course is divided into seven lessons. They are broken down into a total of nineteen learning videos, including BONUS sessions.


Bases de Lean

Este curso de Fundaciones se divide en siete temas principales. Se dividen en un total de diecinueve sesiones de aprendizaje, incluidas sesiones BONUS.


The 5S and Visual Workplace System

Learn the method for creating a workspace that is clean, safe, and well organized to reduce waste and improve productivity.

Lean Consortium

Lean Consortium

The Lean Consortium is a trusted group of peer companies who work together to develop skills, build community, and sustain a culture of continuous improvement across our industries.

Drive a Culture of Continuous Improvement

By creating a culture that rewards innovative improvements to their environments, your team will be empowered to continuously look for new ways to improve how they work.

Founding members Rick & Elizabeth Peters

Employee Participation

When consistent innovation is encouraged, all employees will begin to look for new ways to participate in improving the company.

Streamlined Processes

All processes should work the same way to save time and reduce the chance for mistakes. Create a process, then constantly simplify.

Strong Communication

Thorough documentation and regular education will help everyone get and stay on the same page.

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